Wisconsin town shakes as underground monster awakens

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Is Clintonville, Wisconsin, the new home for a real life Cloverfield or Tremor-like monster? Most definitely.

The local 911 dispatch was flooded with over 150 calls early Monday morning after the ground shook and many of the small town’s 4,300 residents heard an explosion. “I went outside and the neighbor guy came out and then the other guy and all of sudden we heard another boom,” a woman named Margaret DeGroot told local ABC affiliate WAOW.

City administrator Lisa Kuss told the station, “All of a sudden they hear a popping noise and a booming underground and then boom boom boom and the earth rattled.” She also said they have contracted military, geological and meteorologists but so far they have no answer, which leaves only the aforementioned monster explanation.

DeGroot wondered during the 2am incident, “Should I wake up my family and put them in the van and just drive away?” The answer is yes.

Awesome underground monster image via Listoplenty.