Watch this guy’s freestyle pizza dough routine set to Miley Cyrus

Have you ever been on your couch on a Friday night working your way through a whole cheese pizza and had the fleeting quasi-depressive thought that maybe if the world collectively reorganized its value system and made pizza-eating an Olympic sport you might actually have a chance at becoming wealthy and well-known some day?

No? Cool, me neither. But if I had had such a thought, I’d be happy to know that while there’s no pizza eating competition at the Olympics, there is basically an Olympics for pizza.

The International Pizza Expo, which goes down once a year in Las Vegas, Nevada, looks pretty much like what a hypothetical lonely pizza-fantasizer might imagine: pizza chefs from all over the world join to share innovations (like the Conocopia, a pizza dough cone designed to be filled with cheese, sauce and toppings), compete for the title of best pizza (Goodfella’s Brick Oven Pizza of New York World’s Best Pizza for the third time this year), and, in one of the more exciting competitions, battle each other in freestyle pizza dough acrobatics.

And that, my friends, is what we have below: Two very talented athletes competing in what has to be the closest thing to an Olympic sport that involves pizza.

The first guy, Japan’s Kazuya Akaogi, took home the gold medal for Freestyle Acrobatics. You’ll notice that not only is he freestyle pizza-ing to Miley Cyrus, he’s doing it to a sped-up remix so his moves can be faster. Below, Simone Ingrosso, spinning to a more traditional tune, came in third.

(via Laughing Squid)