Check out Wes Anderson’s charming ad for the Sony Xperia

Wes Anderson has a knack for writing compelling youthful characters with a precocious sense of wonder and superior understanding of the world. “Rushmore” starred Jason Schwartzman as a high school student competing with Bill Murray for the affection of his teacher. “The Royal Tenenbaums” featured a family filled with child prodigies. And his upcoming film “Moonrise Kingdom” appears to be about a rebellious boy scout.

Recently Anderson has found work directing a few high-profile commercial spots, including two for Hyundai Azera, one of which aired during this year’s Super Bowl. Now we have a new commercial for the new smartphone, the Sony Xperia. The ad serves as a visualization of how the phone functions according to the imagination of 8-year-old Jake Ryan, and it’s predictably adorable.

[The Hollywood Reporter]