Watch Lee Ranaldo’s video for ‘Angles’

Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo released what is certainly his most publicized solo record last week, “Between the Times and the Tides.” Having previously released a video for “Off the Wall,” he now has a new one for the track “Angles,” directed by his wife Leah Singer.

This clip subscribes to the “doing stuff for no reason” style of music video, as it depicts the axe-man stringing up his guitar and tossing it around a New York alleyway while a young girl runs about the city, clearly on a mission of some kind. I legitimately got a little worried when the two characters crossed paths, as the girl comes this close to getting bonked in the head by the swinging instrument.

This video also reveals why for the years Lee Ranaldo songs got passed over for Sonic Youth singles — he’s really bad at lip synching. His only attempt comes at the last verse, and it doesn’t go over so well.

Check out the video below.

Lee Ranaldo — “Angles”