I’m finally reading Brian K. Vaughn’s ‘Y: The Last Man,’ and you should, too

Brian K. Vaughn, the comic writer who transitioned to television by writing and producing “Lost,” has a new monthly title out: “Saga,” a narrative resembling a “Star Wars” and “Romeo & Juliet” mash-up published by Image Comics.

The comic blogs and nerds at large have been eagerly awaiting “Saga’s” release and the reviews have been generally positive, and I knew weeks ago that I would probably pick up a copy. Before I delve into the sci-fi serial, though, I wanted to take a look at Vaughn’s past work. I never watched “Lost,” nor have I ever laid eyes on his other titles, including “Runaways,” “Ex Machina” or the real world-inspired tale, “Pride of Baghdad,” so I decided to go with “Y: The Last Man,” a Vertigo published monthly that followed Yorick Brown, the only living man after a mysterious outbreak that wiped out anything with a penis, and his pet monkey, Ampersand.

Women are now running the show, and all hell has broken loose as Democrats battle the wives of late Republican men. See?

I'm finally reading Brian K. Vaughn's 'Y: The Last Man,' and you should, too

Anyway, that’s all I know so far: GOP ladies are throwing down against ruling Democrats. Also, there’s a new president — the secretary of agriculture — and Israel’s being brought into the mix somehow. I don’t know, I’m only on issue 4, but I’m definitely looking forward to more. Plus, unlike another recent recommendation of mine, “Saucer Country,” “Y: The Last Man” has already had its finale, at issue 60, which means you can probably get through it in an afternoon. Plus, can you really resist a cover like this? If so, you’re probably a monster.

I'm finally reading Brian K. Vaughn's 'Y: The Last Man,' and you should, too