Third Man Records releases 1000 flexi disc singles via helium balloons

Keeping track of the week-to-week hijinks of Third Man Records, Jack White’s pet project turned full-time job, is a very entertaining pastime. Just last week, the label gave out a bunch of 3 RPM blue records at the company’s 3 year anniversary party, and yesterday, the label launched their first flexi disc single in probably their most outrageous method yet — helium balloons.

As can be observed from the video below which is explained by Third Man employee Ben Blackwell for the release of Jack White’s new single, “Freedom at 21,” the company released 1000 helium balloons with a flexi disc of the song attached. According to Third Man’s website, statistics for similar balloon launchings of this kind find that only 10% of the subjects are found, which makes the already rare collectors’ albums even rarer. Each balloon contains instructions leading the finder to the Third Man website where they are encouraged to take pictures and post their findings.

In the ensuing weeks leading up to the release of “Blunderbuss” (out April 23rd), who knows what other ridiculous stuff the company will do for its founder’s debut solo album. Until then, if you’re in the Nashville area, take a look at the skies, there may still be some flexis floating around.

Check out the launching below.