Liars unveil new album ‘WIXIW’

Noise rockers Liars have a solid reputation for weirdness and unpredictability in their music. That propensity makes their difficult-to-pronounce new album, “WIXIW,” an unsurprising title choice but nonetheless exciting news.

“WIXIW” is to be a more electronic outing, the band focusing on musical equipment they’re less familiar with for the purpose of spontaneity and discovering new sounds. Lyrically, the album also deals with personal discoveries as opposed to “Sisterworld”‘s exploration of how one responds to the environment.

As for the title, the band released a trailer featuring some people trying their best to pronounce it, followed by some M. Night Shyamalan-esque shots of the title appearing in weird places. Check it out below (via Pitchfork). Also check out the band’s Facebook page and click “Like” to hear new song, “No.1 Against the Rush.”