Philippe Petit plans a high wire walk across Grand Central Station

If you haven’t seen “Man on Wire,” watch it this year. It will make Philippe Petit’s upcoming high wire walk through Grand Central Station in New York all that more amazing. Petit, 62, has agreed to walk in February to celebrate the terminal’s 100th anniversary.

This will not be Petit’s first performance in Grand Central. He walked in 1987 with the permission of station authorities, 13 years after famously traversing the Twin Towers with nothing but a 26-foot balancing pole, a performance immortalized in “Man on Wire.” The Twin Towers walk, which took years of preparation, lasted 45 minutes and wowed the thousands of New Yorkers who saw it in person. The policeman who was dispatched to get him down said:

“I observed the tightrope ‘dancer’ — because you couldn’t call him a ‘walker’ — approximately halfway between the two towers…And upon seeing us he started to smile and laugh and he started going into a dancing routine on the high wire. He was bouncing up and down… His feet were actually leaving the wire and then he would resettle back on the wire again… Unbelievable really…

According to the Telegraph, transport chief Peter Stangl invited Petit to join their celebration next year.

He said: “If anybody knows where he is and [if he] is still doing it, we’d love to have him back. I personally would like to see him perform again.” Petit was tracked down to his home in upstate New York, where he still practises walking a tightrope for three hours a day.

Petit told New York Post of Grand Central, “It’s a dream for me to put my high wire there again.”

Petit has also crossed Paris’s Notre Dame and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which you can view in the video below.