British man buys $2M early Warhol for $5 at a garage sale

While in Las Vegas in 2010, British businessman and devoted art buff Andy Fields bought a $5 sketch at a garage sale. The sketch, a simple face on ragged paper, looked like it had been drawn by a child, and was signed “Andy Warhol.”

After viewing the 1930s sketch, experts believe it was in fact drawn by a 10 or 11 year-old Warhol. They credit the drawing, which is of singer and actor Rudy Vallee’s head, as his earliest remaining work of pop art. The man who sold the sketch to Fields said his aunt cared for Warhol in his youth.

Despite the drawing’s apparent worth, Fields isn’t intending to sell it anytime soon.

Wrote FoxNews:

Instead, he wants to put it on display for others to enjoy. Fields, who found the drawing in 2010, said, “It’s an incredibly important work. It redefines the work of one of the most famous artists of the last 100 years.”

Wile on its own the Rudy Vallee sketch is a fairly simple drawing, it’s incredible to think that Warhol was already drawing bold, colorful shapes and pictures of celebrities’ heads long before he ever sat to paint Marilyn Monroe or Chairman Mao.

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