12 year-old lands first ever skateboarding 1080º

A little dude named Tom Schaar landed a 1080º at the Tehachapi, California megaramp at Woodward West skate park. He is twelve. What were you doing at 12? Probably just about figuring out internet pornography. What is he doing at twelve? Landing 1080s like it’s no big deal. Of course the tiny man is sponsored by Red Bull and the (first ever in skateboarding) 1080º practically branded as “The Red Bull 1080º,” but this is the kind of world we live in now. What kind of sponsor did you have when you were twelve? Our AYSO soccer team was sponsored by a pizza place, so there’s that. I bet Tom Schaar didn’t get a roll of quarters to play the living shit out of NBA Jam and then stuff his face with Shakey’s Pizza. At least we have that on him.

Quoth the Schaar to the LA Times: “I’m pretty stoked, I thought it’d take three days of trying it 40 times …. I was definitely high enough and I could tell I was spinning fast enough, and right at about 720 I saw the coping and I was two to three feet above the coping and I got around that last 360, and I was just amazed.”