Check out the new Taragana Pyjarama track ‘Growing Forehead’

Denmark’s Nick Eriksen, aka Taragana Pyjarama, signed just recently to Kompakt, and with this fanastically-sublime single “Growing Forehead,” one can understand why. Eriksen manages to brilliantly balance the hypnotism of Krautrock (think Harmonia) and the lush, wall-of-sound found in modern strains of electronica. In a word, it’s perfection. But one word just doesn’t do—one hears so many things, idea-wise, in “Growing Forehead” that it’s almost a bit too much, but in a very, very satisfying way.

Ericksen released his eponymous debut EP as Taragana Pyjarama in 2011 on Fools House imprint (video here), and remixed the likes of Delphic, Delorean and Miami Horror.

Taragana Pyjarama’s debut LP, “Tipped Bowls,” is due out June 18th, which Kompakt describes as “a genre defying journey that scales the annals of bass, beats and beyond.” It will feature appearances from CHLLNGR and Kicki Halmos. For now, lose yourself in the single “Growing Forehead.”

Also below, check out the “Girls” music video directed by Emmanuel Beaudry.