Ai Weiwei ordered to shut down surveillance webcams by Chinese authorities

Dissident Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, in a stroke of briliance, decided to install four live webcams in his home this Tuesday in order to make the Chinese state’s work a bit easier, while also allowing fans and family to catch a glimpse of his residential goings-on. Ironically, though not too surprisingly, Chinese authorities have asked Ai to cease the webcam project.

Ai installed the surveillance webcams as a protest of his 81-day detention for supposed tax evasion relating to his company Fake Cultural Development Ltd, and described the project as “a negotiation between private space, the public nature of security, and the power of the state.”

“I don’t even have a reason for why they put me away for 81 days,” said Ai in a BBC interview. “There’s never clear, rational discussion.”

As a nice little send off to fans and authorities, Ai tweeted, “Bye-bye to all the voyeurs.”