Peanut butter and jelly vodka: a new take on the brown bag lunch

This is just weird…a company called Van Gogh Vodka has recently come out with a new peanut butter and jelly flavored vodka. Apparently it smells a lot like peanut butter and trail mix, and tastes a lot like raspberry jelly, which makes it sound like a perfect drink for mixing cocktails for seven year olds.

Van Gogh Vodka’s tagline is “Creating a masterpiece one bottle at a time,” which obviously refers to Van Gogh the man, as well as their line of strangely flavored spirits. Van Gogh the man famously loved smoking a pipe and drinking, especially absinthe, so he may have been pleased to have a vodka named after him. That said, he famously disliked food, and according to a few sources ate very little. He did, however, nibble on his paints, which may have been the cause of the seizures and mental problems which eventually killed him.

It’s hard to imagine that Van Gogh the man would have considered Van Gogh the PB&J-flavored drink a masterpiece, though I guess that’s not the point. A paint chip flavored vodka surely wouldn’t make for any kind of great cocktail.

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