Ron Paul admits Mitt Romney ‘pretty close to’ nomination, but will of course continue to fight

With the political reality of Mitt Romney’s inevitable nomination coming into starker focus, fellow presidential candidate Ron Paul admitted on Fox News today that the former Massachusetts governor is “getting pretty close” to clinching the nomination.

“Well, it’s getting pretty close to that,” Paul told host Neil Cavuto after being asked whether he agreed Romney would be the “eventual nominee.” Despite this admission of his campaign’s ultimate failure, though, Paul promised to keep going out on the trail, because, echoing Newt Gingrich, he says he owes his supporters, and can perhaps snatch up a few more delegates.

“I think that’s what the people who support me want me to do, because they don’t think we should quit when we are only halfway through the race. And there’s a lot of people working their way through the delegate process, and that takes a while — that might be until June or so,” Paul said. Yep, the never-ending primary season will march on — if not officially, at least in spirit. Lucky us.

Paul also again blasted the media for not covering his campaign enough: “We’re fighting the lack of coverage we get. Last night we had 6,200 show up at Chico at the university. I looked for a release on this or an article, so I looked at the Internet, and they said, ‘Where’s Ron Paul? He’s disappeared. He’s quiet.” As you know, there are no longer any reporters embedded in Paul’s campaign, because all the major outlets realized it was a waste of energy.

Here’s video, via The Hill: