Snooki’s unyielding political power: SC Dems use ‘Jersey Shore’ star to attack Nikki Haley

Like all subcultures, the political realm has its own trends and buzz words. There was the time, if you’ll recall, when Democrats and Republicans kept calling one another “erratic” or demanding opponents “man up.” And then there was the short-lived “civility” craze. And of course who could forget when “Jersey Shore” star Snooki found herself thrust into the electoral spotlight when she kind of joined John McCain to fight a proposed tax on indoor tanning. This led to a bit of a romance between the Republican senator and the reality star.

Snooki’s name again came up when President Obama was asked about her on “The View,” and he pretended not to know what a Snooki is, even though he had used her in a punchline relating to the tanning tax. “The following individuals shall be excluded from the indoor tanning tax within this bill: Snooki, JWOWW, The Situation and House minority leader John Boehner,” he said in 2010.

While most trends fade — the Etch A Sketch has already been replaced by “marvelous” — Snooki apparently has staying power, because the South Carolina Democratic Party today released a statement comparing that state’s Republican governor, Nikki Haley, with the faux celebrity and another of her brood, Kim Kardashian.

Via TPM:

Only 18 months in office and [Haley] has already written her biography. It used be that only people who accomplished something significant had biographies written, but in the age of Snooki and Kardashian celebrities it should be no surprise Nikki Haley draws some national curiosity.

So, good for you, Snooki! After all these years, when by all pop cultural logic you should have faded into the sunset by now, you are still a politically relevant individual. Your mother must be so proud.