Kony 2012 sequel is here

Invisible Children released a sequel to “Kony 2012” last night, which you can watch here. The sequel is meant to address the backlash that exploded in response to the first film, now the most viral video in history.

Invisible Children CEO Ben Keesey narrates the sequel—director and narrator Jason Russell is absent, still hospitalized for what has been diagnosed as “reactive psychosis” during the media blitz that followed the first film’s release.

The goal behind the Kony 2012 project has always been to first raise awareness and then mobilize masses for some kind of “global day of action” to be held April 20. “The purpose of the first movie was to make Joseph Kony famous,” Mr. Keesey said. “That was step one. Now we want to connect awareness to action and to get people to contact policy makers.”

Invisible Children has accomplished step one swimmingly. But with the backlash following the first film and all the questions raised about the campaign, not to mention the unfortunate “reactive psychosis” suffered by Mr. Russell, the question remains: Does Invisible Children have any political capital left to spend? Do they carry enough influence to mobilize a global day of action?

“We have seen that stories can change lives, and inspire young people toward action,” Keesey says in the film. They’re relying on the story in this sequel to win people back to the cause. What do you think? Are you sold?