Mixtape Madness: Good Friday Mix, 2012 Edition

It’s Good Friday again, the last day of fasting and not eating meat before your Easter Sunday blowout. What? You don’t observe? That’s okay, based on his Twitter, I’m pretty sure Jesus doesn’t give a shit about that stuff either, so put on your headphones and gear up for your yearly viewing of “Jesus Christ Superstar” (don’t even pretend like you’re not going to), with our brand new Good Friday mix, guaranteed to resurrect you from your Holy Week slump.

Kanye West — “Good Friday”

One of the best tracks from Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Friday series. His new track, “Mercy” just came out today, the actual Good Friday.

The Flaming Lips — “Shine On Sweet Jesus”

The Flaming Lips made a loose concept album about Jesus in 1990 on “In a Priest Driven Ambulance,” their first record with Dave Fridmann producing, and the album that more or less got them signed to Warner Bros.

The Vaselines — “Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam”

Arguably the Scottish duo’s most popular song, the tune was based on an old Christian tune which was later covered by Nirvana at their famous “Unplugged” show.

Patti Smith — “Gloria”

The introduction to Patti Smith’s landmark debut album, “Horses,” begins with the words, “Jesus died for somebody’s sins but not mine…,” a profoundly impacting opening statement from a career full of them.

Ramones — “I Believe in Miracles”

The appeal of Ramones material in the late ’80s was surely waning but they still could pack in a great song here and there, like this leading track from 1989’s “Brain Drain” — later covered frequently by Pearl Jam in concert after Eddie Vedder befriended the late Johnny Ramone.

The Jesus and Mary Chain — “Her Way of Praying”

Jesus Christ is frequently name dropped in The Jesus and Mary Chain’s’s songs which is almost definitely for ironic purposes, something The Flaming Lips picked up on shortly after. “Her Way of Praying” is the third single off the band’s oddly danceable “Automatic” record.

The Dandy Warhols — “Hard On For Jesus”

The Dandy Warhols also have a pretty big hard-on for Jesus, but it’s actually sincere.

Depeche Mode — “Personal Jesus”

The advent of alternative rock didn’t leave much room for synth pop in the ’90s but Depeche Mode handled it well with a hardened sound on “Violator.” “Personal Jesus” was the record’s leading single.

Modest Mouse — “Jesus Christ Was an Only Child”

There’s differing opinions over whether Jesus Christ was an only child or not. What I’m more concerned with is what the hell is making that awesome buzzing sound on this song.

Morrissey — “Dear God Please Help Me”

Moz got some help from Ennio Morricone on this ballad where he describes “spreading your legs with mine in between.” I don’t know if God’s soing to help anyone with that.

The Cranberries — “Salvation”

Good song; good message; awful video.

Madonna — “Like a Prayer”

Madge got into some big trouble for this one, what with all the burning crosses, cleavage, and interracial kissing. The video had an accompanying advertisement deal with Pepsi (big mistake), and it received so many complaints that the soda company quickly pulled it. That controversy is a mere footnote however in the song’s legacy, it still being able to make a club turn into a a drunken gospel every time it drops.

Hope you enjoyed your Lent. You can promptly get back to sinning after Sunday.