Courtney Love alleges the Muppets ‘raped’ Kurt Cobain

Today is a day where you find out Lana Del Rey is dating Axl Rose and then you find out that Courtney Love is trying to fight The Muppets. Courtney Love is trying to sue Miss Piggy, Kermit The Frog, and hell, why not, The Swedish Chef, too.

Courtney might be a lot of things. She may or may not be a talented songwriter, vocalist and guitar player. She may or may not be one of the most divisive figures in rock music right now. She may have sold her financial stake in her late husband’s extremely lucrative publishing rights to his songs. She may or may not be what we call “eccentric” in America because nobody wants to hear “that person with a ton of money is totally unhinged.” Her circle of friends has diminished faster than an 8-ball at Andy Dick’s apartment and now she is suing The Muppets because of what she percieves as “rape” by using a parody of “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” Yikes.

This is what the whole argument is about:

Love, the pillar of mental health that she is, took out her rage at the puppets on a Gothamist comment of all places before trash-talking Muppets writer and star Jason Segel on Twitter.

All there is to ask is: Why, Courtney? Why do you have to leave these insane comments everywhere? Take it off Twitter, girl. People don’t look at 400 word blocks of words FULL OF ALL CAPS and lotse of wroing spellign and think to themselves, “That is a sane person writing these things.” I understand you’re passionate but allow yourself the simple joys of a paragraph break and a spellcheck before you send off these screeds. And honestly – turn off the Google Alert on your own name, Courtney. Get a good book and a taco and lay out in the sun for a while without a head full of bad thoughts, chemicals, or whatever else you have in your system. Clearly there are some unresolved issues that you are trying to battle in public and you’re doing about as well as a screen door in a hurricane but maybe you should just chill out, Courtney. Ok? It’s just you and me now. Nobody else, just you and I here. It’s going to be OK. You’re a good person somewhere. It doesn’t matter what “they” think. Get out of New York and Los Angeles for a while and go to, I don’t know, Georgia, and learn how to deal with real people again. The world is not against you. That is you telling yourself that.

Whatever she’s going through, she needs help. When your own daughter deserts you for being a little bonkers and you start having beef with Kermit The Frog, perhaps it’s time to pack it in and stay off the meds for a little while or just go someplace where we as a viewing public don’t have to witness this. It’s more than a little sad to watch someone do this to themselves.