George Zimmerman’s website really does nothing for his case

George Zimmerman’s lawyers confirmed that the low-budget website The Real George Zimmerman is in fact really run by George Zimmerman, the 28-year old man accused of shooting 17-year old Trayvon Martin last February.

Since that shooting, Zimmerman has been vilified, demonized and generally trashed — and for good reason: the neighborhood watch volunteer took it upon himself to stalk after an innocent man and subsequently shot him, all because, like so many other black men he’s called to report, Martin “look[ed] like he’s up to no good.”

Zimmerman started “The Real George Zimmerman,” he says,” to build some good will, turn the tide of public opinion, fund his legal defense and generally stay in touch with his fans.

“On Sunday February 26th, I was involved in a life altering event which led me to become the subject of intense media coverage. As a result of the incident and subsequent media coverage, I have been forced to leave my home, my school, my employer, my family and ultimately, my entire life,” Zimmerman wrote. “This website’s sole purpose is to ensure my supporters they are receiving my full attention without any intermediaries.”

You know, supporters like those armed neo-Nazis currently patrolling Sanford, Florida, lest a “race war” explode near the shooting scene.

Zimmerman goes on, “I have created a Paypal account solely linked on this website as I would like to provide an avenue to thank my supporters personally and ensure that any funds provided are used only for living expenses and legal defense, in lieu of my forced inability to maintain employment. I will also personally, maintain accountability of all funds received.”

He also has a section called, “My Race,” which features two quotes. One is from Thomas Paine: “The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.” The other comes from Edmund Burke: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is that good men to do nothing.” Neither are particularly persuasive in the face of the bias allegations Zimmerman faces.

If Zimmerman’s hoping to court public opinion, he’s going about it all wrong. As many outlets, including ThinkProgress, have reported, the site features two pro-Zimmerman pictures photoshopped onto an American flag: One, reading “Long Live Zimmerman,” is graffiti scrawled across an African-American cultural center at Ohio University; the second, “Justice for Zimmerman,” was snapped at a rally organized by Terry Jones, the Islamophobic pastor best known for burning the Quran.

So good for you, Zimmerman: your supporters include unapologetic bigots and vandals. Well done, you!