Pulp return to the US on ‘Jimmy Fallon’

There’s an old saying (is adage too pretentious?) that if you were asking who was the best band, Blur or Oasis, the correct answer was Pulp. The group’s style of squeaky, yet darkly tainted Britpop achieved a bookish cleverness that Blur never fully realized, and an authentic working class landscape that Oasis could never hope to convey. Their implosion after “We Love Life” may have been for the better, the album lacking the punch of their ’90s work (although “Bad Cover Version” was devastatingly poignant), but their absence left a void that singer Jarvis Cocker’s solo career only bolstered on occasion.

So when the group announced last year that they would reunite with the lineup that brought us “Common People,” “Disco 2000,” and “Help the Aged” for a tour, Britpop fans all over the world rejoiced in the return of the kings. Last night on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” our heroes returned to TV to play their trademark song (“Common People,” of course), and delivered it with a ferocity that made it feel like it was 1995 again. His rugged beard being the only major difference in his appearance, Jarvis Cocker is as sprite and energized as ever in this performance, sporting a brown three piece suit, floppy hair, and wailing windmills left and right while jumping all over the stage area. The band likewise, nails it, pounding away at the song’s new wave game show progression.

In addition to what aired on “Late Night,” the band also gave fans a little bonus on NBC’s website with a performance of fan favorite, “Like a Friend,” from the “Great Expectations” soundtrack.

Check out both performances below.

Pulp — “Common People”

Pulp — “Like a Friend”