Solar Bears release new track ‘Cosmic Runner’

Solar Bears, a Dublin-based electronic duo specializing in warped, psychedelic electronica, have just dropped a new track called “Cosmic Runner.”

The track embodies a specific brand of midnight madness, perhaps drug-induced, but just as easily simply epiphanic. It appears out of the void with cosmic pads and a lead synth (though perhaps it’s a heavily effected guitar) before being joined by a thick beat, steady beat and rumbling bass. Solar Bears embed “Cosmic Runner’s” DNA with a certain polarity, as though the song were riding the terminator line of planetary motion, which could be said when describing much of Solar Bear’s aesthetics. Excellent work as always from the duo.

Solar Bears’ John McElheron states that the track was inspired by Robert Anton Wilson (fantastic) and crafted around a Minikorg (1973) riff, with the duo attempting “to capture the feeling of propulsion via a hip hop beat.”

Stream the song below, and check out the previous single “Alpha People (featuring Sarah P of Keep Shelly in Athens). And check out our April 2011 interview with Solar Bears’ John McElheron.