At the Drive-In make their official return in Texas

In other band reunion news, At the Drive-In are alive and well, and although not recording new material, they are set to tour and deliver their usual brand of passionate post-hardcore. While vocalist Cedric Bixler-Zavala and guitarist Omar Rodríguez-López are still militantly dedicated to their post ATDI experimental prog band, The Mars Volta, the two are likewise giving their return to their former band a collective all, which began with last night’s show in the band’s home state of Texas.

The band rocked out Austin’s Red Seven as a warm up for their upcoming weekend at Coachella. Some fans were gracious enough to get some footage of the performance while trying to not get swallowed up in the frenzy. Here are some clips of the boys playing “Quarantined,” “Enfilade,” and “One Armed Scissor” at the sold out show.

At the Drive In — “Quarantined”

At the Drive In — “Enfilade”

At the Drive In — “One Armed Scissor”