Cut Chemist returns with ‘Outro (Revisited)’

Jurassic 5 DJ Cut Chemist has not made a new record of original solo material in six years. The Los Angeles turntablist got his start supporting Jurassic 5, contributing heavily to the group’s body of work, along with making numerous limited run DJ albums with DJ Shadow, his most recent one, “The Hard Sell,” being expanded into a full tour.

While his friend and colleague, Shadow, has remained in the public eye long after his landmark debut with “Endtroducing…”, Cut Chemist still only has one full length solo album to his credit, “The Audience’s Listening,” released in 2006. An insane mixed bag of sounds and styles, that album showed Cut taking the spotlight for once, often askewing traditional song structures for chaotic detours and jammy scratch soloing.

Now back with a new forthcoming sophomore album, “Die Cut,” Cut Chemist shows he still has some punch left in those turntables. “Outro (Revisited)” features a furious vocal from indie rapper, Blackbird, as well as live instrumentation by The Mars Volta’s Deantoni Parks and Weapon of Choice’s Lonnie Marshall. An invigorating chugger, the song was inspired by Chemist’s release from prison where he says in an interview with Rolling Stone, “I had a strong urge to run so I made a song that made me feel like I was being chased.” That urgent feeling is a consistent factor in the song’s pace, with Parks’ drums hitting hard like feet furiously stomping on pavement.

Check out the track for yourself over at Rolling Stone.