Watch iAMEVE’s amazing new video for ‘Throw Me A Line’

There’s a girl named Tiff Randol who is a singer-songwriter in Los Angeles. In real life Tiff is a sweet thing, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her. Her latest album “iAMEVE” is a concept album and quite an interesting one at that. I’d venture to say that it’s the kind of album that I would rock the shit out of were I not weaned on the teat of punk rock and sad bastard music. There is, however, one song on the album that stands out over all of the rest.

That song is “Throw Me A Line” and it is not just a great song… it’s one of those earworms that gets stuck in your brain from morning until night. Music supervisors and people who pick songs for commercials take note – “Throw Me A Line” is the type of song that you’re going to want to book immediately. The chorus finds a way to burrow into your memory. The Kate Bush-meets-Depeche Mode production of the album complements her immensely; she’s a solid live act, too. But anyway, enough with the chit chat. Check out the video above for yourself or her website for more.