From runt to World’s Largest Dog

If you’re down in the dumps today, thinking things like, “aw, man, I’m working so hard and I can’t seem to get anywhere,” or “I’m just stuck in the mud, spinning my wheels,” or even if you’re just like, “ah! life is crazy!” take look at George.

George is a seven-foot, 230-pound great dane, with an old-Hollywood-handsome face and a sleek seel coat. He is the Guinness World Record’s largest dog, and has not only appeared on Oprah, but also signed a book deal, and been featured on major news outlets worldwide.

Why should this make you feel better? Because according to Daily Mail, when George was born he was the runt of the litter. And now, after eating a healthy diet of 180 pounds of “chicken, rice, dog food and yoghurt” per month, George is huge. In every way.

So keep doing your thing. And dont’ forget to eat.

(Image via Daily Mail)
(via Fark)