Coachella tickets are now super cheap (relatively speaking)

What’s that? You didn’t get your Coachella tickets yet? Well you will be duly rewarded for your procrastination.

LA Weekly points out that while tickets for last year’s Coachella were going for $800 two weeks beforehand and $550 the week of, tickets on StubHub and other online sellers are now going for an average of $421 for this weekend’s show. If you wait til the second weekend, prices will almost definitely drop even further.

Throwing the same show two weekends in a row was bound to have some effect on the whole supply and demand thing. Plus it’s supposed to rain a bit this weekend, which in Southern California is something like the end of the world.

Maybe it’s just me, but $421 for two days of music still seems like a hell of a lot of cash. If you wait to find the right deal online that’s like the same price as a three-day stay at a posh resort on the coast of Mexico—and there the drinks are included, instead of costing $8 for a water.

To be fair, the Coachella lineup does look pretty great. If you can’t find the $421 for this weekend’s show (or the substantially less for next weekend’s) check out the long-awaited return of At the Drive-In here.

Coachella tickets are now super cheap (relatively speaking)