Check out Grimes on KEXP

We just can’t get enough of Grimes over at Death and Taxes. From her performances in book stores to her delightfully goofy interview with Nardwuar, she’s been kind of irresistible. It’s not just her quirky personality and dynamite cyberpunk look, though—her songs are really good.

On this performance on KEXP, you can see her do three songs on the studio floor, punching buttons and twisting knobs while hitting those exquisite high notes. Her voice is a little off on “Be a Body” but her performances of “Symphonia IX (My Wait is U)” and “Genesis” are spot on, and most interesting to watch in this setting. Host Cheryl Waters interviews the performer, covering her roots in listening to classical ballet and her new interest in bass music. Originally broadcast on the day of “Visions”‘ US release, NPR’s blog posted the video of the performance and interview today. Check it out below.