Courtney Love less of a disaster than you’d expect in Hole reunion

Courtney Love has been making headlines lately for saying some pretty crazy things. First there was the priceless line that the Muppets had “raped” Kurt Cobain by humming a bit of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” in Jason Segel’s new Muppets movie. Then there was the Twitter storm alleging that Dave Grohl was hitting on her daughter Frances Bean Cobain, a move so gross and weird it prompted Frances to suggest that her mom should be banned from Twitter.

It’s the kind of classic Courtney Love fare that would lead one to expect that, when she popped up for a surprise Hole reunion in Brooklyn last night, she’d look like she did at Comedy Central’s Pamela Anderson roast—makeup smudged, wobbly and drunk-seeming.

But it was a different Courtney Love who showed up last night for the reunion with Patty Schemel, Melissa Auf der Maur, and Eric Erlandson. She looked stable, with some wry humor, sounding like 1996 all over again. This looked like the Courtney Love Billy Corgan would have once bothered to mentor. Which sort of makes her recent Muppet-raping rants even more of a mindfuck.