Yet another racist Urban Outfitters shirt

Sometimes you have a few headlines lying about until they inevitably happen again, and “Racist Urban Outfitters Shirt” is one of those gifts that just keep on giving. The beleaguered Hot-Topic-for-people-who-are-in-art-school now stocks an oddly racist shirt designed by the non-talents at Local Celebrity. The shirt is a send-off of the nutritional labels on food and yada yada yada, there’s a “black people like chicken” stereotype at the bottom of the shirt.

Don’t get us started about the “Cool Dad in a minivan” lingo that adorns the rest of the shirt (sick rhymes and fresh beats, yo!) but do get us started on this: why is Urban Outfitters still a thing? Sure, people want skinny jeans and the right to feel accomplished with their personal style simply by spending $70 on a cardigan, but we have the internet for that now. Urban Outfitters’ appeal, one supposes, is that they are the archetypal college frat boy hidden by an artistic facade – always preying on the younger ones who don’t know any better. So basically, Urban Outfitters is a racist version of Matthew McConaughey in “Dazed and Confused”: