Check out new Azealia Banks track ‘Hood Bitch’

It’s been a bit of a disappointing week for new music: Yesterday, Azealia Banks announced that her much-anticipated EP “1991” was going to be delayed on the day we expected it to be released. Today Santigold’s new album “Master Of My Make Believe” is giving a major tease by appearing on Soundcloud but having the stream busted. (Or maybe Soundcloud is just overloaded? Let us know if you can get it to play, but it doesn’t look like anyone’s having much luck.)

But, today we get a new track from Banks—or at least new to us. There seems to be some speculation that “Hood Bitch” is from her demo sessions over the last year that brought us the impressive single “212,” along with the Diplo-produced “Fuck Up the Fun.” But it’s also possible that the track is planned for release on her upcoming full-length “Broke With Expensive Taste.” That album is slated for release in September, but with Banks’ history of delays, who knows.

At any rate, “Hood Bitch” has a different, lighter feel than the tracks she’s released so far. Listen Before You Buy points out that it hinges on a 1982 sample from Lime, which might have something to do with the feel. But it’s a fun track. It should hold you over—if not until Banks finally releases her record, then at least until the Santigold stream starts working.