Here are some too-late tax tips from Gary Busey

Tax season—arrgh! Deductions, donations, calculations—the worst!

Did you know you can claim up to $500 in deductions for charitable donations of clothing without providing a receipt? And what about this: Did you know that expenses you list as “research” are 100% deductible whereas as those listed as “entertainment” are only 50% deductible? No? Well you won’t know any of that after watching Gary Busey’s tax tips, either. But hey, it’s too late now anyways—which is kind of the point. If you haven’t filed them by now you should probably just stop futzing around and file them, already. Lest you end up like Busey, with 300 VHS tapes and 5 pairs of moccasins to your name.

However, you will learn that the Marquis de Sade was supposedly “buried alive with the leaves that fall off trees in the fall” after being “run down to the ditch by paying too much taxes.” Apparently that’s how they did things in 1400. According to Busey that same fate awaits any one of us—the vexing hand of taxation is that oppressive. Watch below, and learn.