New ‘Arrested Development’ season to release in full one glorious day next year: ‘Party Down’ next?

Producer Mitch Hurwitz and several members of the “Arrested Development” cast appeared yesterday at an event in Las Vegas and stirred up embers of anticipation already patiently glowing for the new season of “Arrested Development.” While there, Hurwitz dropped a bomb that after waiting six years for the show to come back, fans will suddenly get a whole lot of “Arrested Development” at once: The whole new ten-episode season will premiere in one day on Netflix.

Hurwitz also revealed that Showtime had expressed interest in acquiring “Arrested Development,” but that they were more attracted to the business model Netflix was offering. Hurwitz seemed well attuned to the reality that audiences who don’t necessarily tune in at prime time to give a TV show great ratings through traditional routes will watch the shit out of it online. “The show’s audience has grown over the last six years because of [viewers streaming it],” he said.

While plans for a big-screen adaptation are still stalled after years of hemming and hawing, the new “Arrested Development” series goes into production this summer and will stream next year, where it will almost definitely be a hit on Netflix.

This is great news not just for “Arrested Development” but for fans of quirky, niche content that might not be able to find a home in arenas that require massive, mainstream audiences to survive.

If Netflix is successful in providing a home for cult hits with loyal followings, what’s next, a “Party Down” revival? Hey, one can dream.

It also gives one hope for the kind of content Netflix itself will produce in its much-hyped new platform of original programming. There’s no word yet on how many people watched their first series “Lilyhammer,” but the next two projects they have lined up sound very promising: “House of Cards” from David Fincher and Kevin Spacey, and “Orange is the new Black” by Jenji Kohan of “Weeds.”

Plus, as more of our TVs become internet connected, how much difference will there be between watching Netflix and cable anyway? Seems like they’re doing something right. At any rate, we’re psyched to waste a solid 5-hour block watching the entire new “Arrested Development” season when the stream premieres.

And the best news? They’re bringing back Bob Loblaw. Vulture has more.