Watch the psychedelic Django Django ‘Storm’ video

Django Django, a Scottish rock group with a ’60s psychedelic and surf rock aesthetic, are on the rise after performances at New York City’s Glasslands and SxSW Festival. And the band name? Well, it must be a nod to the Spaghetti Western series of “Django” movies, one of which, “Django Kill… If You Live, Shoot!,” was perfectly bizarre, bloody and hallucinatory.

The North American release date for the Django Django LP hasn’t yet been finalized, but band has just released the music video for “Storm,” which was directed by Focus Creeps. The video has the vibe of ’70s and ’80s lo-fi video art, as well as the color palette and hypnotic qualities of psychedelia promo videos. Metallic-looking pinks, blues, turquoise and purples ripple and shimmer across the screen to great effect.

The song itself might be said to be something rather rare—groove psychedelic, if you will, which only a few bands have been able to do, such as the 13th Floor Elevators and, more recently, Colourmusic.

Watch the video below.