An interview with Julien Glt, founder of Boobstagram

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Boobstagram is the latest internet phenomenon—the creation of a French dude named Julien—and is basically just a collection of pictures of boobs sent in by users to (somehow) raise awareness about breast cancer. Their strategy seems to be: Come for the boobs, stay for the message. Death and Taxes was lucky enough to score an interview with Julien, the founder, who had this to say. Enjoy!

Why Boobstagram?
At the beginning, everything started from a simple personal photography project exhibition. After that, I decided to create a blog to share those beautiful pictures to everyone. My blog quickly became more and more notorious and in a very few days I received a lot of pictures without even asking. With such a great success, I wanted to associate a cause to my project and what would be a better association than the fight against breast cancer? In fact, I didn’t want to be the only one to receive the benefits from this buzz and this great visibility. I am more than happy to increase people’s awareness, all over the world, about this dramatic disease and the importance of making breast cancer screening. Nowadays, everyone is free to send me pictures at [email protected] in order to have them published on my website.

How is it raising awareness of breast cancer?
The awareness about breast cancer is made through messages, associations and events website links that I often post on my website. In the future, I will organize some Boobstagram events in order to continue to spread the word and to be able to raise funds for the association.

Any favorite images in particular from the site?
I have no preferences at all about the pictures published. As most of the people out there, I am sensitive to beauty and any cleavage is beautiful. Actually, I give much more importance to the quality of the pictures than to the cleavage itself.

Where do you get the most pictures from?
To be honest, I receive pictures from all over the world. When I started, I was taking the pictures myself of my friends and women I met who, after explaining the concept of my project, wanted to be part of the website. However, it is true that since week one, I have been receiving hundreds of pictures every day from all over the world. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you the profile of these women, as it is completely anonymous. I myself only receive pictures without any details. I don’t know their name, age or profession.

Why should people send pictures of their boobs?
I would like to thank you for asking me this question as it is once again another opportunity to underline the fact that my first objective is to increase the breast cancer awareness. Therefore, women should send pictures of their cleavage because it is for a great cause without any risk and completely anonymous. Furthermore, after asking my friends, the ones that did it from the beginning of this project, they told me that it was fun; they enjoyed seeing their cleavages on my website and all the great comments and impact it implied.

Who are you, Julien Glt?
I am a young French guy, and as with all the women that are sending me pictures, I would like to remain anonymous…

Is France more lenient towards nudity? Do you think America needs to loosen up?
I don’t really feel a difference between French and Americans as I have a lot of visitors from the United States and also a lot of American women that are submitting their pictures.

There you have it, folks!