Das Racist, Dan Deacon, Tom Morello to play Occupy’s May Day Strike

Remember last fall when Radiohead was going to play Occupy Wall Street? For about three hours, it was the coolest thing that happened all year—until they announced that they had no intention of playing Occupy Wall Street. It was a let-down not just because thinking you’re about to see a free Radiohead show and then having it fall through is always a bummer, but also because the musical accompaniment to Occupy was otherwise pretty lackluster.

Sure, Jeff Mangum of Neutral Milk Hotel played a set and Tom Morello showed up—he’s a reliable go-to for protests. But otherwise things were pretty quiet. Third Eye Blind wrote an Occupy song. Jackson Browne showed up for a performance. There’s even an Occupy benefit album coming out May 15; it has four discs of songs, but from artists like Ani DeFranco and Our Lady Peace—not exactly stuff to electrify the zeitgeist.

All of which makes it extra exciting that Das Racist and Dan Deacon (along with Tom Morello, of course) have signed on to play Occupy’s May Day Strike.

The L magazine notes that the artists have signed on to play a 4pm rally in Union Square as part of the day’s coordinated activities. An Occupy march will descend from midtown to Union Square. The Dan Deacon and Das Racist shows will be part of a “rally with the larger May Day coalition—unions, labor groups and immigrant rights organizations that have traditionally demonstrated each year on May 1,” according to the L.

Even better, they’ve invited Talib Kweli, David Byrne, The Roots, Immortal Technique, and more to join.

Now that’s the kind of musical accompaniment Occupy needs, no offense to Jackson Browne or Third Eye Blind.

Check here for more info on the May Day Strike, and read Striking for Dummies: How to skip work to join Occupy Wall Street’s May 1 General Strike.