New loaded Blur box set on the way ‘Blur 21′

In a recent interview, Damon Albarn stated that future music from both Blur and Gorillaz would be very unlikely. It was a huge blow, but the boys in Blur are at least coming together to give us a nice package for the band’s official exit.

“Blur 21,” which will be out July 30, will feature all seven of the band’s albums, the first five of which will recieve the remastering treatment. Yeah I know, you’ve heard that story before, just a volume raise and a new fancy packaging. The rub here is that all seven will be expanded into two disc sets which will include all those pesky B-sides that were so hard to get a hold of in America all these years. There will also be three DVDs that will contain at least two hours of previously unreleased footage (no word if any of those DVDs include the “No Distance Left to Run” film or not). There will also be a 7″ of the song “Superman” from the band’s early days when they were called Seymour. Oh, and there’s a book! The book will be a hard cover and contain extensive liner notes and new interviews with the band.

That bundle has all the earmarks of a small fortune. Wish we had more info on that but the link to pre-order on the band’s official website links out to a few online retailers that don’t actually have it on their pages yet (maybe it costs so much that they don’t even have it yet).

All the albums will also be released individually on both CD and vinyl though, so in case you just want to pick up “Parklife” or “13” and call it a day, you may. Overall it’s a pretty cool haul.

Check out “Blur 21″‘s trailer below.