Check out 2 new St. Vincent songs, ‘Krokodil’ and ‘Grot’

St. Vincent released two new songs for Record Store Day on Saturday, a 7″ featuring “Krokodil” and “Grot.”

Annie Clark has been edging away from her whimsical side and exploring a harder edge in her last couple records. The new songs are downright heavy. “Krokodil” sounds like something from Nine Inch Nails circa “The Downward Spiral.” It’s an interesting contrast against her voice, which still maintains its pretty delicacy. “Krokodil” also seems to explore the dark side lyrically, with its lines about the Russian drug of the same name that gets its nickname from turning your skin scaly: “I need to buy sweet krokodil,” Clark croons.

Check out both tracks below, and click here for other Record Store Day releases we were psyched about this year.