IKEA to start paying people for keeping catalogs in their homes

IKEA clearly has cash to burn. Earlier this month the Swedish company announced plans to build an entire IKEA city outside London. Now they’re offering to actually pay customers in Australia for keeping catalogs in their homes.

“In Australia the annual IKEA catalog is often discarded by customers shortly after reading it,” says a video about the campaign. The solution: “Introducing the first catalogue that pays to be in your home by renting the space it occupies.”

The idea is that IKEA will pay rent for the square footage of space that its catalog occupies in your house—about one square foot. Customers can pick up their checks at IKEA stores each month. No word on exactly how much the company is willing to shell out for that one square foot of space, but one would assume it would at least be enough for a couple Swedish meatballs and lingonberry juice in the cafe, which makes it well worth the trip.