Mitt Romney vows to filter all of the pornography off of the internet

Interesting YouTube clips have surfaced of a couple of speeches given years ago by a then governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney. In them, he vows to eradicate pornography from the internet.

(dramatic pause)

Yes, folks. No more porn. You know what this might mean for America – hours of new-found free time, a noticeable drop in hostility towards women because of the lack of a constant barrage of images of degregation – and we don’t want that in America, do we? Fuck no! Bring on the guns, liquor and titties, if you please. Saturate my veins with high fructose corn syrup and undiluted hardcore pornography. I want an IV of double strength Dr. Pepper and a 90 minute YouPorn clip of elbows in assholes. That sort of thing. Check out the videos over at Buzzfeed. What do you think? Can America be a land without porn?