Damon Albarn: Sike, Gorillaz and Blur not finished after all

Earlier this month we lamented the end of Gorillaz and Blur when Damon Albarn told The Guardian that both projects were over, for all intents and purposes. As often happens, it now looks like he was either misquoted, misinterpreted, or just plain spoke too soon.

Hypetrak points out a brand new interview running in the Metro today in which Albarn denies the end of both bands. “No,” he says “That comes from an article which was an interesting take on a very long conversation.” In short, Albarn isn’t closing the book on either project.

Of his falling out with Gorillaz’ Jamie Hewlett, he says:

When Jamie Hewlett and I have worked out our differences, I’m sure we’ll make another record. We’ve been through too much together for it to be that big of a mountain to climb. We’ve just fallen out like mates do sometimes. I’m not the only person to fall out with mates and then make up again – everyone does it.

About Blur, Albarn had told The Guardian, “I find it very easy to record with Graham. He’s a daily musician. With the other two, it’s harder for them to reconnect.” Now, however, he says:

I don’t know how we’ll feel when we play Hyde Park. Some days I feel one way and other days I feel the other. If you don’t see something as a career but as an important part of your life, you don’t know how you’re going to feel about it. We want to put on a great performance but nothing’s been said between us about the beginning or the end.”

For all of you whom Albarn freaked out in his earlier interview, it sounds like he’s mending bridges and his prolific output will continue. I would hold your breath for a collaboration with Noel Gallagher, though.