Help put an Iranian rock band on the road this summer

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Our friends at Rockethub and eMusic are doing something great: supporting Iranian rockers The Yellow Dogs on their quest to tour the world this summer and beyond.

When most of us think of Iran, images of a dystopian military state come to mind. But it’s more like a dystopian military state with a rad punk scene. Believe it or not, nuclear reactors aren’t the only thing underground in Iran.

The Yellow Dogs cut their teeth playing illegal shows while cultivating their 80s D.C.-inspired post-punk sound. Lucky for us, the band made their way to the mecca of indie rock, Williamsburg, Brooklyn where they now reside and are freely allowed to rock regularly. (In no small part to the U.S. government, who granted the band asylum.)

If you’re not familiar with The Yellow Dogs, shame on you and check them out now on eMusic Selects, which will be hosting their EP, “Upper Class Complexity,” over the coming weeks as part of the eMusic Selects program for up-and-coming indie artists.

Touring, mind you, is expensive business, so if you’ve got a few bucks to get The Yellow Dogs on the road, check out their Rockethub page and support the mission.