Jay-Z has a ‘Farmville’-style Facebook game

If you’re into hip-hop, chances are you’ve heard of Jay-Z (what a way to begin an article… sorry, my head is still ringing from The Weeknd show last night) and chances are if you’re on the internet you’ve heard of Facebook. But have you heard of Jay-Z’s Facebook game, awkwardly titled “Empire”?

It’s available to play right now on Facebook. You start out in the projects (duh) and work your way to the top (double duh) and make decisions along the way which will affect your career (25ยข duh special with a soda) such as, Should you write rhymes or play dice? This would be really cool if you were a little kid, or just stupid. I’m not saying “Facebook games are for idiots” but Facebook games are for idiots, and “Empire” is no different. Sorry, Jay.

Why put your name on something so cheesy? The game plays like an incredibly cheap knock-off version of “Farmville,” which is a terrible game anyway. You’d think that given Beyonce’s alarmingly well-orchestrated foray into social media that Jay might have done something similar, but no, it’s this cheesy-ass game.

What do you think? Can you spend hours inside “Empire” working your way up to get such awards as… let’s see what I got for playing for twenty minutes… an in-game only brown Kangol hat for my character to wear? No thanks, Jay. Let me know when you put out a record. Those I like. This? Not so much.