The Avalanches release a new mixtape

In other ambiguous news posts from long dormant bands, The Avalanches, Australia’s kings of sampling composition, have linked to a mysterious mixtape from their Twitter account. Lately the group’s Twitter has been their only source of tangible output, starting beefs with Justin Vernon, and occasionally dropping microscopic details about a forthcoming second album (over ten years in the making).

It’s hard to tell what this mixtape is other than a “Sleepy Bedtime Mix for Young Ones,” which “may or may not be mixtape by ? ?v?L?NCH?? ?” but it’s a good sign that they are indeed doing something. ¬†Clearly the group is trying to be cheeky given their years of reclusiveness as this is hardly a typical DJ mix. Composed mostly of dusty vinyls of rare oldies, they are aesthetically very much the type of source material their landmark debut “Since I Left You” was peppered with — corny singers, warped strings, and loud vinyl crackle, it may very well be a taste of ¬†what may be pumping through the veins of their highly anticipated sophomore record, but for right now, it’s just the sound of the group fucking with our heads.

Note: Joanna Newsom’s “The Sprout and the Bean” makes a random appearance 38 minutes in and is followed by some experimental psych folk piece which is bound to turn those sleepy young ones’ dreams into nightmares.

To give you an example of how this type of material works into The Avalanches sound, here is a YouTube stream of the entire “Since I Left You” album. Download the new mixtape for free here.

The Avalanches — “Since I Left You”