Watch Dave Letterman mix up The War on Drugs’ name and album title

The War on Drugs’ latest album, “Slave Ambient,” was one of our favorite albums last year. With a grand heartland scope, the band have an invigorating and uplifting sound which is best exemplified by “Come to the City” which the band played last night on “The Late Show with David Letterman.”

Complete with a blaring horn section, and a little help on the keys from Paul Shaffer, it’s a glistening performance that has a real “Unforgettable Fire” type quality to it (think “Bad”).

Funny sidenote: it seems Dave might have thought the name of the band was Slave Ambient and the album was called “The War on Drugs”; when he greets the band after the song he says “Slave Ambient ladies and gentlemen…it’s called The War on Drugs, there’s a lot of music going on here folks.” I didn’t personally see the broadcast, but this clip also mysteriously cuts from Letterman’s introduction to the song already in progress as if CBS were covering up Letterman’s foul. Did anyone see this as it broadcasted (or saw it in person) that can confirm this suspicion?

Check out the fopa approximately thirty seconds before the clip ends.

The War on Drugs — “Come to the City”