Henry Rollins’ fatherly advice for unprivileged kids

So, we all know the statistics about being young in America are pretty grim right now. 53% of recent college grads are either jobless or not making enough money to get by. 85% are moving back in with their parents. Our collective student loan debt has hit the $1 trillion mark. The dream of “making it”—whatever that means to each grad—probably seems almost impossible, especially to the vast majority who will be dragging a ball and chain in the form of tens of thousands in student loans for the next several decades.

This morning we came across this video of Henry Rollins giving some solid, fatherly these to these kids—the ones with debt and low employment prospects—who will have to be consistently resilient and positive to achieve what they want.

The excerpt appears to be from the “Letters to a Young American” project Rollins did for Big Think earlier this year, and includes the Apparat song “Sweet Unrest.” Watch the original, parts one and two here. It’s one of the most positive messages we’ve seen for young people in a long time.