Kanye West to collaborate on new Justin Bieber album?

Two weeks ago President Obama reaffirmed to The Atlantic his 2009 reamark that Kanye West is “a jackass.”

Kanye is “smart and talented,” the President said. Even though he called him a jackass, the Atlantic asked? “He is a jackass. But he’s talented.”

This is probably a fairly accurate assessment of how we all feel about Kanye. For the past three years West has been clawing back his highly visible feats of jackassery—the Taylor Swift “Ima let you finish” debacle, his manic Twitter rants, the performance with 30 seconds to Mars—with universally acclaimed albums that are often described as “brilliant.” It’s as if the two sides of Kanye must be counter-balanced: for every brilliant new record, he must start dating Kim Kardashian, or, as the case now seems to be, collaborate with Justin Bieber.

Bieber has been tweeting about recording his new record “Believe,” and Friday Bieber’s friend Kenny Hamilton tweeted, “Putting the finishing touches on the album and it’s gonna be special! @justinbieber and @kanyewest #Believe.”

This isn’t the first time West’s and Bieber’s paths have crossed. In 2010 West remixed Bieber’s “Runaway Love,” announced in one of Kanye’s infamous twitter rants in the dark epoch between his jackass-crowning Taylor Swift interruption and his redemption with the lauded “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.”

This time around it sounds like West is actually involved in the record, at least in a production capacity if not actually performing. The highs and lows of Kanye West may seem a little disorienting, but we’re right on schedule here: “Watch The Throne” was one of last year’s most celebrated albums, and the fruition of a dream for West—a collaboration with his mentor and hero, Jay-Z. West’s pop-culture stock seems to work like the actual stock market: After a high like that we were due for a serious correction.