Pop Tart axe in hand, Tom Waits breaks into meme culture

How many generations will be fortunate enough to experience the soothing sounds of everyone’s favorite recording artist who eats gravel with a side of gravel for breakfast? I was too young to see the venerable Tom Waits come up at The Troubador in West Hollywood, but I can certainly thank the late Robert Altman for introducing me to the legend on the big screen and in alcoholic limo driver form.

As for kids these days? They’ll stumble upon the bluesy boozer from the comfort of their sofas, likely on Tumblr, where the man has taken form as Nyan Waits, a 3-minute animated GIF version of their precious rainbow-farting Internet meme better known as Nyan Cat.


If the YouTube-length version doesn’t satisfy your Pop Tart guitar craving, hit up NyanWaits.com for the continuous loop.

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