George Zimmerman starts his own Twitter, Facebook

George Zimmerman may be a crazy racist or a rather dimwitted and overzealous gun enthusiast with a completely misguided Superman complex, but you can no longer say he isn’t connected to the social internet!

(crickets) (tumbleweed)

All kidding aside, George Zimmerman is now officially on Twitter and Facebook, and he also has a brand new website. His first website was a bit of an HTML clusterfuck as they say in the design world, looking not unlike it had been designed by Helen Keller after half a bottle of champagne and a handful of Ambien. The site, however, managed to raise $200,000 in donations for Zimmerman’s legal defense before (one can assume it was before) Zimmerman took it down in favor of this new site.

The accounts are being maintained by attorney Mark O’Mara. So far they have revealed little about the case,¬†opting for a very professional approach to social media. These are hardly accounts to retweet horse_ebooks or post pictures of the sandwiches he’s been eating lately; instead, O’Mara prefers to link to rather long-winded explanations as to why he’s using social media in the case.

Take a look for yourself at his Twitter, his Facebook, and his new site.