Skrillex and Diplo to remix Michael Jackson

Obscenely popular dubstep DJ Skrillex and obscenely popular hipster DJ Diplo will be remixing Michael Jackson’s “Bad” for a new Pepsi commercial, because nothing says “youth” like remixing a song from 25 years ago, does it not?

A-Trak will also join in, somehow, on the production clusterfuck that the remix EP will surely be. The three amigos DJs will be releasing the remix package at some point in the summer (via a special can of Pepsi that listeners will need to buy and scan with their phones) to coincide with the 25th anniversary of “Bad.”

It’s been a banner year for Skrillex who was nominated for multiple Grammys and also looks not unlike what would happen if there was a new Muppet on Sesame Street. Diplo has been busy jet-setting around the world and collaborating with Beyonce, and A-Trak has been busy wearing scarves indoors and looking remarkably like Death and Taxes publisher Stephen Blackwell. D&T will keep you posted on the song when it eventually drops if we haven’t torn our ears off in a fit of rage.