Live review: Light Asylum light up Le Poisson Rouge

Last night Brooklyn synth duo Light Asylum played their album release show at Le Poisson Rouge. It was a late night affair, with opening sets by Black Marble an oOoOO pushing the headlining band to 1:30 a.m. Neither the late hour nor the fact that singer Shannon Funchess was “under the weather” affected the charisma, power, and stage presence of the group  —  the post-midnight feel actually benefited the feel of the show, the band’s songs being known for the dark undertones which the time slot complemented well.

Light Asylum’s self titled debut album released earlier this week, and it’s a neat little collection of pulsating battle anthems. Glowsticks were ablaze when the band launched into leading single “IPC,” while the crowd danced and chanted along.

The most audience-moving tracks however were the vibrant “Heart of Dust” and the fan favorite “Dark Allies,” the latter from their “In Tension” EP, which stirred the crowd into a frenzy. That song in particular requires a  rather full-throated vocal for its fiery wind-down, which, given her illness, Funchess managed to soldier through decently, though its was considerably subdued compared to what she’s known to unleash.

Keyboardist Bruno Caviello stood stoic over the boards, punching in all the rhythms like a concise music scientist. The perfect ballad “A Certain Someone” finished out the show nicely with the dark blue and purple lights that showered on the band morphing into a cleansing turquoise glow that seemed to refresh the crowd after sweating it up for over an hour.

The band called it a night around a quarter to three and were visibly pleased to be finally playing their album release show, their debut being delayed for some time now as Funchess had stated at the beginning of the show. Given the record’s lengthy waiting time, the duo hopefully is already pooling ideas for a follow-up, that possibly could see help from James Murphy, who has expressed an interest in producing them once he was done with LCD Soundsystem. Time will tell, but for now at least, Light Asylum are riding high without the leg-up.